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— Make more money
— Advance in your organization
— Grow in your career
— Find meaning in your work

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How do I build an international career?

How do I make more money?

Prosperity and meaning

How do I find both meaning and prosperity in my career?


How do I advance in my organization?

We provide you with…

Real-World Leadership Skills

Our Real-World MBA is an online course that teaches you how to get exceptional results, advance in your career, and lead organizations.

Ongoing support

Get your own personal advisory board. Join a select group of peers for regular, mentor-led strategy sessions.

NETWORKING Opportunities

Connect with other members of the BlueRipple community, a group who shares your drive, ambition, and desire to make a difference.


I highly recommend BlueRipple to anyone who is ambitious and wants to approach their future and career as strategically as possible.


New York

Even as a seasoned technology founder and executive, BlueRipple taught me new tools that I apply to building my current business.


Washington, DC

BlueRipple helps me drive change in a large multinational corporation. It is thorough, addressing critical topics I face daily.


Based in Brazil

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