Looking for ideas for how to stay healthy longer?

BlueRipple’s Longevity+ course helps you increase your healthy life expectancy.

We provide you with independent and objective information about longevity products and services so that you can enjoy a long, healthy life.

Free of Bias

Holistic, Evidence-Based Approach

No Advertising Relationships

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Longevity+ provides you with all the information you need to extend your healthspan.

So, why a longevity course?

Let’s face it — there is too much information and are too many people trying to sell you stuff that supposedly extends your healthy life expectancy.

And, the U.S. healthcare system makes much more money from treating diseases than it does keeping people healthy.

That’s where this longevity course comes in.

As an independent consumer advocate, this course delivers objective information that helps you make informed decisions that extend your healthspan!

longevity class

Longevity+ is your secret to maximizing your healthspan.

It may be the difference between developing a chronic illness or disability in your 60’s and dying in your 70’s versus enjoying your 80’s and beyond!

Without Longevity+
  • Scattered, incomplete information
  • Must evaluate credibility of sources
  • No holistic strategy for taking action
With Longevity+
  • Complete information in one place
  • Credible sources
  • Checklist for taking action

Do you like feeling the opposite of pessimistic and insecure?

Then join the Longevity+ waitlist today!

Longevity+ provides you with all the information you need to extend your healthspan.


Buying Products

Make smart decisions on what things to buy.


Choosing Services

Find the right professionals to help you.


Exercise Right

Get the most return for your investment in exercise.


Eat Smart

Look past trends and focus on dietary principles.


Continue Learning

Gain knowledge that makes a difference in your life.


Mental Health

Cultivate a healthy and productive emotional state.


Live Strategically

Align where you live with your longevity goals.


Informed Citizen

Support longevity-friendly policies and legislation.

Learn How to Maximize Your Longevity

Course Overview

Your unbiased, independent guide to longevity. Dive deep into the factors that influence human lifespan with our 7.5-hour course. Our objective? To help you make the most informed choices. No ties to advertisers, no hidden agendas. Just straight facts from an industry-analyst lens.

Course Price: $1,995
Duration: 7.5 Hours (Five 1.5-hour sessions)

Course Outline

The course comprises five 1.5-hour sessions.

Session 1: Setting the Industry-Analyst Lens

—Introduction: The Consumer-Reports Angle to Longevity.
—The current state of the longevity industry: Who are the key players?
—Importance of unbiased, advertiser-free information.

Session 2: Nutrition & Food Choices

—Global nutrition market: Separating hype from real benefits.
—Superfoods vs. Marketing: What truly benefits longevity?
—Dietary trends around the world: What do the longest-lived populations really eat?
—The supplement industry: Uncovering the facts behind the claims.

Session 3: Safety, Personal Health & Living Environments

—Navigating household and environmental hazards: Product comparisons and recommendations.
—Personal safety tools and technologies: Which ones are worth the investment?
—Geographies for longevity: From Blue Zones to cities with the best air quality.
—Evaluating the impact of health insurance and policies on personal longevity.

Session 4: Mental Health, Education & Social Connection

—The connection between mental well-being, learning, and lifespan.
—Stress-management tools and techniques: What works, what doesn’t.
—Social connection: Evaluating platforms and communities that promote healthy relationships.
—Lifelong learning: Analyzing platforms and courses that boost cognitive health.

Session 5: Public Policy, Industry Analysis & Conclusion

—Comparative study: Which countries’ health policies really cater to longevity?
—The politics of aging: Evaluating pension systems, elderly care, and social security across countries.
—Major trends in the longevity industry: Where is the industry heading?
—Actionable Checklist: Your personal blueprint for informed longevity choices.

Our Evidenced-Based Approach Ensures Results

Our commitment is to absolute transparency. Longevity+ is the result of meticulous research, distilled for your understanding. All information presented in the course is backed by evidence from credible sources.

We provide detailed citations and bibliographies with each module so you can delve deeper and quench your thirst for knowledge.

longevity class
longevity class

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in the value our course offers that we provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. The only thing we ask is that you complete the assignments. Dive in, explore, and if you don’t find the value and insight you’re seeking, you’ll receive a refund.

Getting Started

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