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Learn how to Make More Money

BlueRipple helps you make more money by increasing your value to an employer. Our three-month course provides you with the tools to increase your income dramatically.

Let Us Save You the Trouble

I’ve spent years working as an executive at top companies and hundreds of thousands of dollars on prestigious degrees.

Work and school don’t teach you how to make money. Your employer pays you as little as possible. And school doesn’t address your financial ambitions.

I learned through trial and error how to get paid a lot of money based on the organizational value my teams and I created.

Fortunately for you, there is now a better way.

BlueRipple helps you make more money faster, grow your career, and find meaning in your work. And it delivers superior value at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives.

Kevin Woolley

Kevin Woolley | Founder, BlueRipple


BlueRipple can change the trajectory of your career. As a Fortune-50 executive with an MBA and a background in consulting, I believe BlueRipple is a better way to grow professionally.



BlueRipple increases your importance to a business. When my employees demonstrate these skills, I pay them more.


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BlueRipple’s platform and content are incredible. I want our executives to use it so our multinational healthcare company can reach the next level.


Rio de Janeiro

Let’s Get Growing

BlueRipple’s Real-World MBA is a three-month online course that teaches you how to make more money, grow your career, and find meaning in your work. Classes meet virtually for four hours per month.

We help you collect big paychecks by creating long-term organizational value. The Real-World MBA provides you with a powerful applied learning platform and the support of an unrivaled community.

The price of the Real-World MBA depends on the number of people in your learning group. The cost for groups of up to ten participants is $1,800 per person. One-on-one instruction costs $14,400.

Click to get started. We will provide you with available dates and answer additional questions.

How We Help You Make More Money

Employee Value
Maximize Your Value to Employers

You’re valuable to an organization when you help it improve its overall performance. You and your team need to get results that make money for shareholders.

Work negotiation
Negotiate Your Cut

It’s not enough to be valuable to an organization. Claim your piece of the pie by managing your personal brand and negotiating your compensation.

Organizational politics
Manage Organizational Politics

People don’t play fair at work. Build alliances to increase your value, discover what key people fundamentally want, and defend against your rival’s attacks.

The Skills You Develop

1. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH. You have different options for what career you will pursue. Rather than using a silly assessment, learn how to analyze your experience, abilities, interests, and network to choose the best path.

2. HOW TO DRIVE PERFORMANCE. Learn how to move your personal, team, and organizational performance from point A to point B. Use the same approaches as companies like Amazon, Tesla, and McKinsey.

3. HOW TO SELL. What do almost all people who make over $1 million per year have in common? Even if it doesn’t say so on their business card, they are skilled salespeople. They know how to sell their ideas within an organization and transform sales prospects into loyal customers.

4. HOW TO PLAY THE GAME. There is no guarantee that talented people who are great at what they do will win the promotion or next opportunity. Learn to play the game without compromising your integrity. And win.

5. HOW TO INNOVATE. See beyond current realities and build the future. People who solve emerging problems and drive progress position themselves to grow beyond their wildest expectations.

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