Real-World MBA

Grow at work and in life.

The BlueRipple MBA provides you with the tools and guidance to:

Get your foot in the door

Make more money

Get a better job

Lead teams

Make a difference in the world

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How to grow at work and in life.

The ability to deliver results and improve performance is the most valuable skill. Jobs pay and promote you based on how much you can improve organizational performance. And it affects your life outside of work.

A simple way to think about it is moving from point A to point B. Point A is where you are right now, and point B is where you want to go.

To move from point A to point B at work or in life, you need to:

Break problems into smaller pieces and understand their parts

Treat an organization like a system, seeing it in its entirety, defining outputs, and managing bottlenecks

Develop strategies for working with difficult people who have conflicting agendas

This skill is critical no matter your age. It drives your success in school, entry-level jobs, senior management positions, and beyond the workplace.

It’s an up-hill climb.

Nothing prepares you for this journey. School—including college and graduate school—doesn’t teach you how to perform at work. And on-the-job experience does little to help. Employer-sponsored programs seldom address the needs of the individual.

And performance gets harder as you grow. Early on, you only need to focus on yourself. As you evolve into a leader, you will be responsible for a group of people, maybe even a very large one. And aligning people with different backgrounds, opinions, values, and goals is hard work.

Other types of complexity make performance more difficult. Jobs become highly fluid and subjective. Conditions constantly change and become increasingly difficult to predict.

BlueRipple Real-World MBA

BlueRipple helps you navigate complex, confusing, and stressful environments by closing the gap between knowledge and real-world practice.

The BlueRipple Real-World MBA is an online applied learning course lasting 12 weeks. It teaches powerful techniques for delivering real-world results. By putting in the effort to excel in the course, you will improve how you:

Set goals, make progress, and deliver results

Define what truly interests you

Approach complex tasks and challenges

Conduct job searches, including resumes interviews

Brand yourself and demonstrate your value in an organization

Negotiate higher compensation

You will learn when to apply powerful logical approaches. Two examples of these techniques are entrepreneurial thinking and corporate thinking. The former can be a powerful tool in corporate setting and vice versa.

The Real-World MBA also helps you build your network. You will have the opportunity to interact with program participants and instructors throughout the course.

Finally, it leads to exciting, new growth opportunities. BlueRipple requires that you complete the MBA program prior to applying to its group mentorship community.


I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ambitious and wants to approach their future and career as strategically as possible.


New York

Even as a seasoned technology founder and executive, BlueRipple taught me new tools that I apply to building my current business.


Washington, DC

BlueRipple helps me drive change in a large multinational corporation. It is thorough, and covers critical topics I face daily.


Based in Brazil

By the end of the Real-World MBA, you will be able to…

Hit the ground running

Start any job and figure out what it takes to succeed quickly, even when you lack clear guidance from your boss and colleagues.

Play the game on your terms

Learn how to play the game without selling your soul. Many people feel uncomfortable dealing with organizational politics. They think “playing the game” is beneath them.

Don’t learn things the hard way. There are ways to be sincere and authentic while managing the relationships you need to get ahead.

Get results

Work and life in general throw all sorts of challenging situations at you. Learn how to get the results your employer demands. And get the results you want in life, not just financially but in the other areas that are also important to you.

Make more money

Put yourself in the top 10%, 5%, 1%, or 0.1% of income by understanding how organizations reward specific skills. Making a lot of money has less to do with what you know and more to do with your ability to be persuasive and solve complex problems.

Innovate beyond business

There’s more to life than money. Learn techniques for tackling seemingly intractable social challenges. And help create a better future for coming generations.

Who’s the course for?

People who put in the effort

The BlueRipple Real-World MBA is ideal for young adults who work in business settings and want to grow professionally and personally. BlueRipple complements formal academic programs.

BlueRipple is not for people who…

Make excuses. BlueRipple stands for agency—that is, your power to determine your course. Victims need not apply.

Only care about networking. Some people think the only thing that matters is your network. Relationships are critical, but delivering the goods carries the day.

Are looking for shortcuts. BlueRipple will not solve your problems for you. It empowers you to set ambitious goals and achieve them.

Focus solely on appearances. Self-marketing is important. And BlueRipple helps you develop that part of your game. But your character and capabilities are paramount.

What’s in the course?

The Real-World MBA provides you with invaluable tools to make progress at work and in life. It helps you get from point A to point B. And it also enables you to make progress when point B isn’t entirely clear.

Making progress often requires the cooperation of other people. And BlueRipple helps you get others on board with your ideas.

Start with what you have.

BlueRipple leads you through sophisticated exercises that help you evaluate who you are as a person and what you bring to the table. From there, you can make intelligent decisions about where you want to go.

Analyze partnerships.

Getting important things done means building collaborative partnerships with others. BlueRipple provides you with sophisticated strategies for building alliances.

Consider different objectives.

Once you understand your individual and group capabilities, your attention turns to what you want to accomplish. You begin by thinking broadly before deciding exactly where to focus your efforts.

Narrow it down.

Once you have a clear sense of the different directions you could go, it’s time to decide which one to head in.

BlueRipple provides you with the guidance you need to make immediate progress.

Break problems into pieces.

Problems are neither good nor bad. They simply represent gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

Solving a specific problem requires understanding its components. BlueRipple shows you how to complete this step like a expert.

Think in systems.

Systems thinking helps you simplify overwhelming situations. BlueRipple shows you how to apply this approach to discover constraints within the system and prioritize actions.

Decide where to start.

Getting started the right way is like bowling. You want to knock down as many pins with one roll of the ball as possible. BlueRipple shows you how to prioritize your actions strategically and forcefully.

Design tests.

Everything is a test. You try different things repeatedly to see if you get the results you want. BlueRipple shows you how to design tests effectively.

Complete tests.

You get results by completing tests. BlueRipple shows you how to complete tests in an organized, thorough, and simple way.

Review results.

Progress requires analyzing what you’ve done and actually accomplished. BlueRipple shows you how to review your work and make iterative adjustments.

Communicate findings.

Persuading other people to accept your ideas requires effective communication. The more complex the problem you’re tackling, the more critical it is to win people over. BlueRipple shows you how to deliver persuasive and compelling arguments.

Repeat process.

Repetition and iteration are vital aspects of real-world execution. BlueRipple shows you how to assimilate what you’ve learned and adapt effectively.

Homework Assignments

—The BlueRipple Real-World MBA meets every two weeks. In between the classes, you apply what you’ve learned to real-world situations.
—The program requires you to spend at least one hour outside of class preparing for each hour of class time.
—When you return to the next class, the group will review progress, answer questions, and learn new concepts.


When you have questions, you can:

—Wait to ask them during class
—Ask your classmates over Slack
—Ask your instructor questions during scheduled office hours
—Submit an urgent request


The BlueRipple Real-World MBA provides you with flexible options for pricing and classroom size.

Pricing depends on the number of people in your cohort. There are three tiers:

Participants per groupPrice per participant

Pricing tiers provide you with the ideal learning environment. Small-group settings provide more personal attention. Larger group sizes make sense for budget-conscious independent learners.

Risk-Free Guarantee

BlueRipple wants you to be happy with your investment and build a long-term relationship with you.

We offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee to attend a Real-World MBA class and review the material.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Do I get a certificate from the course?

Yes, you receive a certificate of completion.

How does BlueRipple help me get a job?

Jobs look for employees with problem-solving and people skills. Developing these two sides improves how you market yourself to prospective employers, including your resume and interview skills. More importantly, you perform better in the job, reducing the risk that you soon find yourself in the interview process again.

Why wouldn’t I just get a regular MBA?

BlueRipple is the perfect supplement to a traditional MBA. Regular MBAs are full of high-level theory that seldom applies in practice. Real-world success requires getting your hands dirty. BlueRipple teaches you to dive in, roll up your sleeves, and use what you learn to grow as a leader. As a leader, you earn more money and power to influence other people and make a difference in the world.