Partnering with BlueRipple helps career coaches and their clients.

Your career services business and BlueRipple make a powerful team.

BlueRipple partners with career coaches to increase the value of young college graduates to employers. Partnerships improve client experience, results, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Career services providers help workers build rewarding careers. Some specialize in career coaching, interview preparation, resume writing, personal branding, and image consulting. And others offer multiple services.

BlueRipple complements these services by developing worker capabilities. Workers learn to drive progress, moving organizations from point A to point B. This skill increases their value to organizations.

A partnership with BlueRipple is a win-win. Both sides make the other one better by doing things the other doesn’t do.

BlueRipple shows workers how to develop the skills they need to drive the organizational progress of their employer.

Their ability to lead organizational progress is critical to increasing their compensation.

Four factors determine their ability to negotiate higher compensation:

—The complexity of their responsibilities
—The number of people they lead
—The economic consequences of their decisions
—The scarcity of their abilities in the labor market

BlueRipple provides the tools to excel in all four of these areas.

Take Natalie, for example. She’s 23 years old and graduated last year from UPenn with a degree in international relations. She works part-time as an assistant in the finance department of a medium-sized technology company in New York. She spends the other half of her time working on an app she started in college.

Despite her prestigious education, hard work, and good intentions, Natalie is starting to face some tough choices. Her app hasn’t gained traction. As someone with a non-technical background, she can’t build it herself. So she relies on other people to make it according to her specifications. But she has struggled to raise the capital she needs to pay those people. And after a couple of years, the first version of the product still isn’t done.

Her part-time job isn’t ideal either. While it helps her make ends meet, she’s living on a shoestring budget. And it’s not a role that provides a clear path for professional advancement.

While she can perform administrative functions as a finance assistant, she doesn’t know how to approach the strategic topics that determine company growth.

So how does a partnership between a career coach and BlueRipple help Natalie progress in her career?

Natalie first learns about BlueRipple through a career coach. She started working with the coach to pull together her resume, sharpen her interview skills, and apply for jobs that better align with their interests.

The coach recommends that she look at BlueRipple to address her lack of business and technical experience. To build a career she finds rewarding, Natalie needs to increase her capabilities.

In BlueRipple’s Real-World MBA course, she develops the ability to solve real-world problems. She learns how to progress from point A to point B in an organizational setting.

The tools she learns are dynamic. They apply to both startup and established organizations.

She likes how she will grow as a professional and an entrepreneur.

Her assignment is to apply these techniques to real-world situations between classes.

After learning how reducing accounts receivable (“AR”) increases shareholder value, she focuses her efforts there.

She notices that some of her company’s enterprise clients are consistently slow to pay their invoices, accounting for a large proportion of AR.

She believes that she can reduce AR by over 5% if they pay their bills on time. 

Instead of discussing her idea with her boss, she gets started.

After a bit of investigation, she learns that each of these enterprise accounts is, in reality, a bunch of smaller ones rolled up together. The sales team decided to invoice this way. Consequently, the monthly payments required additional internal authorizations by the customer. These extra steps caused the delays.

After speaking with her sales manager, she approached her boss. If they invoice each sub-account separately, she believes they can cut outstanding accounts in this segment by nearly half. It will require some upfront work on her side, but the financial impact will be worth it. 

She gets the green light, and her plan works. They eliminate the bottleneck. AR for the segment decreases by 40% over the next 90 days.

Natalie’s success gets noticed. The director of product management, who already knew about her app, asked to speak with her. After learning her interests and accomplishments, he encourages her to apply for an open assistant product manager job.

She’s flattered, but it’s not an easy decision. She doesn’t want to abandon her app. But she decides that she can handle a full-time job and work on the app in the evenings. Crucially, working in product management will help her develop new skills critical to the app’s success.

She works with her career coach to pull together her resume. And they also prepare for the interview, which she doesn’t expect to be easy. Joining the product management team of a technology company requires a technical orientation.

She gets the job despite stiff competition. During the application process, she addressed questions about her business and technical gaps by telling stories about developing her app. She rehearsed these stories with her career coach ahead of time.

BlueRipple gave her an edge. The hiring manager commented that her strategy, problem-solving, and communication skills exceeded her age and experience. She demonstrated the ability to think both like an entrepreneur and a business manager.

Together, BlueRipple and her career coach got Natalie on the right track. Each helped in ways the other couldn’t. BlueRipple helped her develop the skills to drive organizational progress while growing as an entrepreneur. And career coaching helped her develop a compelling narrative about the value that she can offer.

Her excellent client experience and results have already led her to recommend BlueRipple and her career coach to her friends.