Alumni Relations

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Accelerate alumni career development and attract more donations.

Why Alumni Relations Teams Should Partner with BlueRipple

Raising money is hard work.

Alumni need three things before they donate to their college:

Discretionary Income

Extra money to donate.

Gratitude & Nostalgia

The feeling college helped make them the person they are today.

Belief in Direction

Belief in the vision and direction of the institution.

BlueRipple increases alumni income and gratitude.

We help alumni who participate in BlueRipple make drastic progress in two areas:

Current Jobs

Participants learn how to significantly increase their value to their current employer.


Participants learn how to build meaningful and financially-rewarding careers.

Learning how to get from point A to point B drives progress.

Participants apply this skill in their careers to increase their value to organizations, negotiate higher compensation, and advance in their careers.

Participants increase their economic value by managing complexity and people.

Alumni are valuable to their employer when they:

—Solve complex organizational problems. These problems have no obvious answer and contain “unknown unknowns.” Solving them drives organizational progress and unlocks financial value. They advance to senior-executive levels based on their ability to solve these types of problems.

—Lead large teams. The argument for managers who successfully lead large teams is straightforward. By harnessing the potential of groups, they make themselves more powerful and valuable. But leading requires more than “soft skills.” Crucially, leaders must master multidisciplinary problem-solving skills.

BlueRipple emphasizes two high-level skills.

Executive Skills

Executive skills determine one’s ability to achieve ambitious goals.

Metacognitive Skills

Metacognitive skills provide the mental tools to solve problems and get results.

Participants who master these real-world skills uncap their earning potential.

They follow a three-step process:


Learn a robust set of practical concepts.


Immediately apply lessons to real-world situations.


Expand impact by tackling incrementally bigger challenges.

Alumni income growth and gratitude lead to higher participation and donations.

You develop goodwill by helping alumni make tangible progress in their careers. And their progress translates to donations.

Are you ready to unlock the financial potential of your alumni?

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