Packed with unbiased information, these tightly edited full HD videos (1080p) deeply explain each topic. The length of the video in minutes and seconds is noted in parentheses.

MIT Student Experience

MIT Student Experience

See the student experience. See what it’s like to attend MIT. This video focuses on a typical day in the life of a MIT student.


MIT Student Housing

Student Housing

Get a complete view of on and off-campus student housing for freshman and upperclassmen at MIT.


MIT Classroom Experience

classroom experience

Understand what it’s like to attend different types of classes at MIT.


MIT Buildings and Infrastructure


Take a tour of MIT’s undergraduate academic buildings and athletic facilities.


MIT Social Scene

Social Scene

What do students do when they’re not eating, sleeping, or studying? This video unpacks the true social scene at MIT.


MIT Campus Dining

Campus dining

Understand the complete culinary experience at MIT, including all of the different campus dining options.


MIT International Student Experience

International Student Experience

Understand the perspective of international students on what it’s like to attend MIT, including how they feel the community treats international students.


MIT Students of Color Perspective

Students of color Perspective

What’s it like to be a student of color at MIT? Is the community welcoming or cliquish? You’ll find out here.


MIT LGBTQ Perspective

LGBTQ perspective

What’s the perspective of the LGBTQ community on life at MIT? This video explores this question.


MIT Student-Athlete Experience

Student-Athlete Experience

Find out what it’s like to be a student-athlete at MIT.


MIT Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Get an overview of the most popular extracurricular activities that MIT students participate in.


MIT Academic and Career Advising

Academic and Career advising

Many students attend MIT because they feel that it will create future opportunities. Find out how academic and career advising resources support MIT students.


MIT Libraries and Study Spaces

Study Spaces

Where do students go to study on campus? This video explores the places that students go to learn outside of class and get work done.


MIT Walking Distance From Campus

Walking distance from campus

When you step off of campus, where can you walk to? See the places that MIT students walk to when they venture off campus.


MIT Living in Cambridge

Living in Boston (and Cambridge)

This video explores life of a college student in Boston, highlighting popular aspects of the city.