Credibility | Relevance | Efficiency


Applicants and their parents invest significant time and resources into identifying which colleges to apply to.

However, the college selection process is highly inefficient:

  • Campus visits often involve long, expensive trips that require taking time off from school, work, and other responsibilities

  • While campus visits are better than trying to evaluate fit from a magazine, website, or YouTube video, the boilerplate information session and campus tour fail to provide the deep insight into student experience necessary to evaluate fit.

BlueRipple improves college selection efficiency along three dimensions: time, money, and applicant success.


BlueRipple eliminates the wasted time and money of unnecessary colleges visits:

  • Viewing BlueRipple's broad and deep video content of student experience empowers you to evaluate more schools and generate a better shortlist of schools to visit and apply to

  • This approach addresses the problem of applicants and their parents visiting colleges that they don't end up applying to and applying to colleges that they haven't visited


BlueRipple contributes to applicant success:

  • By leveraging BlueRipple to understand the student experience more deeply, applicants prepare more compelling applications that speak to specific aspects of a particular college's student experience

  • The savviest applicants will then transform college visits from superficial information gathering exercises into deep investigations into specific aspects of the student experience (e.g., visiting classes and interacting with current students and professors who best speak to their areas of interest)

  • When effectively woven into the college application, this approach leads to stronger arguments for why a student should be admitted