Credibility | Relevance | Efficiency


BlueRipple establishes credibility with its customers by being mission-driven, unbiased, and complete.


Life is short. BlueRipple exists to help you find great experiences and avoid disappointing ones. This is our mission, and we pursue this mission in everything that we do.


BlueRipple eliminates bias by maintaining financial independence from colleges, advertisers, and other third parties. BlueRipple only generates revenue from sales to end users, i.e., college applicants and their families. Furthermore, BlueRipple is philosophically objective towards the pursuit of higher education, seeking only to deliver high quality information so that its customers can make smarter decisions.


BlueRipple maintains end-to-end control of the video production process to ensure high standards. To capture the many facets and nuances of a college’s student experience, it collaborates with current students at each college to explore the holistic student experience from multiple angles and perspectives.