Kevin Woolley


Kevin Woolley founded BlueRipple to help ambitious and hard-working people build meaningful careers and make a difference in the world.

He strives to build BlueRipple into a business that improves people’s lives—now and decades from now.

He sees across borders. He has worked in different countries for both established and new businesses. Born in Washington, DC, he has lived in the US, Chile, Peru, and Brazil and speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He has also spent months in Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

He recognizes the same problems in different places. For example, Brazilians face similar obstacles at school and in their jobs as Americans.

Kevin’s work experience helps him deeply understand problems. Before starting BlueRipple, he was a senior leader at two successful technology companies. He grew Geotab’s Latin American business from scratch into a regional leader. And he improved the performance of a business unit at Suhai Seguradora in Brazil. 

Entrepreneurship has been a constant theme in Kevin’s career. He has worked alongside successful founders. And he has led new ventures, including one that developed water treatment projects in Peru.

His degrees include:

—MBA, Columbia Business School
—Masters in Finance, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile)
—BA, Washington University in St. Louis